Magnitude has become synonymous with quality rugby and an exciting weekend of camaraderie and community spirit. With Magnitude 15.13, we will carry that tradition to the next level. We will continue to update you about the exciting events surrounding this year’s Magnitude, and you can also stay up to date at the official Magnitude website, www.magnitude15.org, follow us on Facebook, and of course, you can always reach us at magnitude@quakerugby.org.
See you in May!

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Email: magnitude@quakerugby.org

What’s the weather like in Seattle in May? Isn’t it going to rain?

Probably not. Although famous for rain, Seattle averages less rain than New York City. “Rain” here isn’t of the “down pour” type. If it rains, it’s most likely misty or drizzly–perfect for playing rugby! Seattle weather in May is generally mild with more sunny days than light drizzly days. You should come prepared for both, though.

Normal daytime temperatures in May are between 55° and 65° F, and at night it’s in the mid-40’s.  If there’s rain, it’s generally rains no more than 1/4 inch in a day.

For more info, check out http://www.gonorthwest.com/Washington/seattle/weather.htm

$1200 dollars! Where’s that money go?

The registration fee reflects the projected costs of the tournament without sponsorship. Consider that the number of sides we expect to come to the tournament are the same as the number of sides at the first Bingham Cup tournament in San Francisco. This is a bigger tournament than last one we hosted–which we put on for free. As the scale of the event enlarges, so do the costs. Also, if we add teams at the last minute, our costs go up dramatically. Hence the registration deadlines and the higher fees for later registration. With no corporate sponsors to subsidize the cost, you are paying what it actually costs to put on this tournament. We expect to just break even. This is for fun, not profit!

How gay friendly is Seattle?

Very. The city in general is progressive and gays are a potent political force in city politics. Most gay-oriented stuff is concentrated in the Capitol Hill and First Hill neighborhoods (where the tournament hotels are), and a large number of gay people live in these adjacent neighborhoods.

What’s the tournament format?

The tournament format will likely be a round-robin format. Final format will be determined in late April, and communicated before the tournament.

What’s the pitch like?

The pitch at Magnuson Park is artificial turf, which provides a uniform and consistent playing surface. Traction, rotation and slip resistance, surface abrasion and stability are more consistent, regardless of the weather conditions, and since rain is a constant concern in Seattle, we believe that this is an improvement over the grass pitches we have used in years past. Be aware though, that if you’re used to playing on grass pitches, synthetic turf will play and feel different; synthetic turf is made of fake blades of grass with crumb rubber used as fill to offer springy cushion. As a result, the ball bounces a little higher.

How can I keep in touch?

Registered and interested players can keep up-to-date with the latest tournament news by joining the Magnitude 15 facebook group page.