Initial Schedule is posted

Check it out here

Some additional info:

  1. Transportation from host hotel to pitches and back will be provided in the morning and at the end of play each day. All other transportation will be on your own.
    1. Host hotel is within 1.5 miles of all events.
    2. Seattle is very walkable and has great public transportation.
    3. An uber credit will be sent out to all teams the week before, for new users.
  2. You MUST have your Magnitude wrist band to get into all bars for free and to get the drink specials.
    1. Only registered players and supporters will receive wrist bands.
    2. If wristband is lost, please see a Seattle Quake Volunteer
    3. No wrist band, no specials. We will not be handing out replacements or freebies as we have worked closely will our sponsors to offer the best deal for everyone.
  3. There WILL NOT be a beer garden during play this Magnitude.
    1. Due to the restrictions and costs put upon us from Seattle Parks and Rec, Insurance, and General Liability, there will be no beer garden at the event this year.
    2. There is a 7-11 across the street from the play fields, that has been made aware of the event going on and the potential increased traffic.
    3. Please visit laws and regulations on drinking in public and at State Parks.


We look forward to hosting you this year! We’ve been working hard to make this the best Magnitude tournament yet, but it wouldn’t be anything without all of you. Be on the lookout for more emails in the coming weeks, and don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns

Also, follow Quake on instagram for additional fun and exitement. @quakerugby