3 thoughts on “[2011] Magnitude 15.11 is almost upon us!

  1. As the treasurer of the Dallas Diablos Rugby Football Club I have been asked to gather as much information for Mag.15-11 The primary concern of the club is the cost to register the team. Information on registration and housing costs would be helpful as we fund raise and budget to attend this tournament.
    Thank you

  2. I am with the Portland PIGS and want to attend this event. Although I will probably be flying solo. I know I can register and pay for a single, but what does that get me? If I do not come up with a team, who and how does it get determined the team I play on while I attend this event?

    thanks ruggers!

    1. All whores will be randomly assigned to teams as needed; those who are not assigned will be grouped together to form a Barbarians team.

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